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native nursery, critique of native nursery and "native" wildflower

About an hour's drive from my house is Kuranga Nursery.

 Kuranga stocks a huge range of native Australian plants. If it's native, you'll probably pick it up there.

It's also a very attractive place, at the edge of suburbia with a bushy feel to it.

I looked up Kuranga to see what it meant. I thought it must mean something in the local indigenous language.

 It's a Hindi male name, meaning deer.  Go figure ...

I saw a kookaburra, but it was camera shy and flew away before I could take its photo.

I'd picked up some Ptilotus exaltatus at Bunnings. I thought I'd get some more because I love them and they remind me of being in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia where they grew wild and prolifically.

In Kuranga they helpfully classify the plants in relation to how hardy and reliable they are. P. exalata scored a "Fuss Pot" grade, so I didn't buy any. I thought I'd wait and see how the ones already in my garden got on.

It was a good decision, b…

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